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Xenforo 1.5 vs 2.0? Which one should I install for my new forum?

1.5 vs 2.0

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Hi, Im new to xenforo, tho I can install it and configure no probs, I want to create forum with paid restricted area or subforums... Mostly I will use stuff from here.

What software should I go with? 1.5 or 2.0?

I guess there is a lot more addons available for 1.5?

Thanks for help
I would go for 1.5, especially if you want to use Addons to add fancy new features. If you don't need addons, but want a better looking forum, go for 2.0
Xenforo 2.0 is surely more powerful compared to Xenforo 1 , so i will suggest you to go for Xenforo 2. However as of now very few addons are built so you can go for 1.5 for now and later upgrade to 2.0